Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Look Inside A Luxury Ski Chalet

Here at Elegant Address Ski, luxurious chalets in the European Alps are where our expertise lies. We aim to bring you five star service and the very best properties to make your snowy retreat unforgettable.

A Look Inside A Luxurious Ski Chalet


First impressions are everything and ski chalets are no different. Using traditional Alpine designs, wooden beams and granite stone are a feature and make these gorgeous properties an inviting and welcoming retreat. 

Living Space

Many of the ski chalets available to rent are of open plan design, making the most of the space and giving you the room to live and relax comfortably. Wood burning fireplaces are an absolute must have feature along with the cosy furnishings, fluffy cushions and chunky throw rugs.


Who could resist wanting to cook on something as charming as this? One of the more traditionally designed kitchens, ski chalets also combine modern amenities with the authentic nature of the chalet itself. 


After a long day on the slopes, you'll be wanting to curl up in the most relaxing of settings. Bedrooms in ski chalets are high on the list of the most comfortable places to sleep, with large windows to see the exceptional views right from your pillow!


Does a relaxing bubble bath sound like heaven to you? Or maybe an immersive waterfall shower is just what you need after a tiring skiing day? These elegant bathrooms are something that need to be seen to be believed! Just like many of the other parts of the chalet, a mixture of traditional and contemporary designs are included in the interiors of the properties. 

Cinema Room

If you're taking a break from the slopes for the day, there's still plenty of activities to do in the chalet.
Viewing some of the film industry's classics might be on your to-do list and you can do that in style with top of the range technology at your fingertips. 


The ideal finale to an idyllic snowy ski day is a session in the spa. Maybe a full body massage will help loosen out those muscles and let you unwind after your energetic day?

Hot Tub

Want to relax but don't want to be stuck inside? An outdoor hot tub sounds the solution to your problem. Sit back in the swirling water, let the bubbles make your aches wash away and have something just as bubbly to sip as you wind down from the day's adventures.


And last but certainly not least, why go to the Alps if you can't appreciate the spectacular views?
With balconies and private terraces, you can soak in the snow-topped mountains and forests surrounding you in your own space and your own time. 

Have we persuaded you to have a look into our luxurious ski chalets in a bit more detail?
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