Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alpine Snowfall

Elegant Ski have been working hard over the summer months to display to our clients some of the most prestigious Alpine properties, this has meant we have expanded our portfolio into Austria.

Austria is known for its reliable snow fall which is often greater than the four alpine countries. In the 2013-2014 ski season a town near Lech received the largest amount of snowfall at 10.6m. Lech is a new resort for Elegant Ski set in a high valley that for a long time was cut off from the rest of the world this resort offers some brilliant pistes and regular transportation to surrounding towns such as Oberlech and Zurs. 

Zermatt in the Swiss Alps received a large amount of snow compare to previous years offering around 5.1m. This is perfect for skiing and in this car free resort there are several areas of untouched snow. January and February are historically the best times to visit Zermatt although during 2014 March performed the best. 

Val d’Isere in the Northern Alps situated in France gains a good snowfall for this region. Val d’Isere popular with the young and wealthy offers a fun and exciting ski resort with several slopes and hospitality experiences. 

Elegant Ski have a large portfolio of Luxury Chalets only a small amount of which are displayed on our website, for information regarding our private portfolio please contact our specialist ski consultants via +44 (0) 1244 62 99 63 or +44 (0) 2037 57 66 09

Monday, 18 August 2014

Summertime Sporting Activities in the Alps

There are several sporting activities in the French and Swiss Alps with skiing and snowboarding being a preferred choice in the winter and the summer being jam packed with events such as watersports, cycling and much more.

One such event is the International Jumping of Verbier where both professional and amateur horse riders come together to compete in the impressive arena which has been built to a world class standard. The show features some of Europe’s top riders displaying equestrian skills in the forefront of an incredible backdrop and with the beautifully presented horses it is a shoe not to be missed.

In 2014 the show will run from August 20-24th entrance is free and visitors can enjoy the exhibitor’s village, splendid cuisine, amazing presentations and finally the highlight of the Grand Prix on August 24th.

In 2014 the show will run from August 20-24th entrance is free and visitors can enjoy the exhibitor’s village, splendid cuisine, amazing presentations and finally the highlight of the Grand Prix on August 24th.

At the end of August the North Face Ultra trail du Mont Blanc takes place, this is another example of the sporting excitement carried out within the Alps. Beginning in Chamonix this running race sees participants cross three countries; France, Italy and Switzerland. Covering a total distance of 166km in 3 days runners’ race both up and down 7 valleys, tackling 71 glaciers and 400 summits. This race is tough for even the fittest of people, but for those who complete this challenge they will truly feel ‘on top of the world’.

The Mont Blanc Motor Rally is another event held in the French Alps, rally driving is a popular sport throughout the mountain range due to the risk of the sport and the unique track the Alps provide. Driver’s must take considerable care when taking each corner and be extremely cautious when approaching a blind spot due to the unpredictability of the road, one wrong turn and it is a long way down.

 There are several phenomenal sporting events held throughout the Alps all year round, it really is a spectacular place to visit, and with Elegant Ski you can visit in style in one of our Luxury Ski Chalets you will feel as though you never want to leave.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Ski resorts with the best runs

The Alpine Mountain Range provide a variety of ski slopes to suite all levels of skier, therefore choosing the best runs can be difficult and is generally dependent on what each individual is searching for. 

Many would suggest that the high altitude resorts such as Val Thorens - which sits at 2,300m altitude, offer the best skiing opportunities due to the length of the seasons and variety of slopes. ValThorens provides one terrain with 39% of its runs being for advanced skiers.

Beginners may choose to visit the resort of Megeve which is a fantastic place during the Christmas period with its many resort features it is perfect for groups travelling with first time skiers. There are three main skiing areas with an offering of a regional lift pass, with approximately 450km of runs there is something for everyone. For regular skiers the blue and red ski runs are perfect with the closet runs to the resort being on Rochebure. Most of the terrain is located below tree line allowing for several cruising ski areas.

Meribel is a popular ski resort with skiers from the UK returning annually to experience the ski area of the 3 Valleys and its variety of terrain. 44% of the 150km runs are for intermediate level and only a small percentage are suitable for beginners. This is a brilliant resort for regular recreational skiers which is the reason for Meribel’s high return rate.

One of the best ski resorts for non-skiers is Gstaad with its luxury chalets and fabulous retail therapy opportunities everyone will be satisfied. For those who love to ski there are 220km of runs and a guaranteed skiing season from October to the beginning of May lasting 7 months.

Off-piste skiing is rapidly growing in popularity and Vald’Isere and Chamonix offer some great opportunities working on client’s technical abilities and awareness of off-piste runs to ensure they experience off-piste skiing at its best. There are plenty of off-piste ski schools throughout alpine resorts which teach and help to develop off-piste ability before you venture by yourself.

Elegant Ski take all of our client’s requirements into consideration so if are you searching for that magical Christmas atmosphere or that group adventure we can help you find it! Just contact our Luxury Ski Property Consultant whose passion for skiing and adventure will ensure your perfect skiing vacation. Not all of our properties are displayed on our website, for a truly tailor-made service please contact us directly via 
+44 (0) 1244 62 99 63 or +44 (0) 2037 57 66 09

Monday, 4 August 2014

The outstanding service of the ski sector

Known for adventure and sport, skiing holidays have always appealed to the most adventurous of people, and this is exactly what the French and Swiss skiing resorts are renowned for. Although there is a much more relaxing side to a skiing vacation.

Planning your perfect skiing experience can appear very overwhelming and this is where Elegant Ski come in we can assist you with the finer details to make your skiing holiday perfect. Our concierge service ensures your requirements are met from the very beginning when you will be appointed your very own expert ski specialist. Your appointed specialist will take care of your every need from private heli sightseeing trips to luxurious in-house beauty treatments, anything our client’s desire we aim to provide giving you more time to anticipate the incredible adventure you are going to pursue. 

Many of our outstanding properties offer a fabulous selection of services of which are included within the price of your stay in our luxury chalets. We can cater for the highest level of 5* service our clients require, or arrange simply chef and maid service, the package is bespoke to suit our client’s exact requirements.  The finer details can also be arranged such as peak side picnics in the snow and dog sleigh rides helping to create those extra special memories.