Friday, 4 September 2015

The stars in the snow: Elegant Address Ski Michelin restaurant guide

Whether you’re a foodie who wants a gravity defying burger or a cultural enthusiast looking to try the most authentic local dish; there are plenty of inspiring restaurants across the French and Swiss ski resorts for all tastes and cravings. All of which stay humbly in the shadow of the exciting number of Michelin Star restaurants.

Here is our top selection of Michelin dining in the Alps.



For something unforgettably upscale try the edible art of chef Pierre Gagnier at Les Airelles (two stars). Surprising and sumptuous best describe this establishment, accented with jewel-toned silk curtains, Hermès tableware, and Saint Louis chandeliers.
At the table comes a parade of delights such as malabar-peppered goose liver soup with green lentil gnocchi, carob-rubbed red mullet oven baked on bread, and Indian Jelly (crystallised quince syrup and coconut milk lassi). Be prepared to spend anywhere from €200 to €600 per person.


The audacity of chef Emmanuel Renaut sets Flocons de Sel (two stars) apart. He doesn't shy away from unconventional combinations like bitter and tart, making for some unexpected palette-pleasers. Signature dishes include fine pike stuffing with lake crawfish, roasted pigeon perfumed with juniper, and suckling lamb with black radish and prune purée.
Flocons de Sel also organises cooking classes for €60 featuring delicious but accessible themes like sauces and gravies, vegetable starters, and macaroons and other sweets. Fixed price menus range from €39 to €139.



The most unique dining experience can be had at Centre Champery in Champéry, where Chef Denis Martin has embraced the molecular cuisine movement. Dishes like abstract risotto (orange flavoured risotto with fried black pasta and parmesan flavoured bouillabaisse cube), beef tartar with egg at -196°C, and black tempura of whiting with rose yogurt and vanilla-infused parsnips will pique the curiosity of any true foodie. Fixed price menus range from 85 CHF to 175 CHF and tapas are priced at €16 for a four-piece portion.


For a true inter-Alpine experience, try La Table d'Adrien at Verbier, where Chef Marco Bassi offers original dishes influenced by his Italian origins. Don't expect any pasta or pizza, though. On the menu, you'll find delectable creations like scallop and truffle carpaccio, clam and cockle soup, or roast venison with tricolour polenta. Fixed-price menus range from 160 to 210 CHF and offer an exceptional variety of tastes thanks to elaborate dishes with up to four accompaniments.

Source: InTheSnow

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