Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Night Tobogganing - Not for the Faint-Hearted!

If the thrill of the slopes isn’t enough for you, St Anton has something a little different to offer you: night tobogganing. The toboggan run starts from the top of the Nassereinbahn and weaves down past the Rodel Alm restaurant, finishing up in the Nasserein area of town. For just a few euros you can buy a ticket up the Nassereinbahn in the evening twice a week, and take your life in your hands by throwing yourself down a narrow, ice-covered, rutted track, on a traditional wooden toboggan with steel rails… The track is lit by street lights along most of the way, but between the pine trees glimpses of the town appear, as well as the steep expanse of the world cup piste to your right.  

At just over half way down the Rodel Alm restaurant is a fantastic place to stop. Live music, enormous plates of traditional Austrian cuisine (think lots of meat, bread, potatoes and cheese), steins of local beer or shots of schnapps and Jagermeister are the order of the day, enjoyed while watching the twinkling lights of the town below. Styled as a traditional Austrian chalet, it is finished in wood and decorated with the paraphernalia of skiing’s early days as well as a selection of stuffed mountain animals. Definitely not to be missed. Once you feel suitably relaxed, make your way down the last long straight to the bottom and see if you feel up to another go!

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