Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Top Ski resorts with the best runs

The Alpine Mountain Range provide a variety of ski slopes to suite all levels of skier, therefore choosing the best runs can be difficult and is generally dependent on what each individual is searching for. 

Many would suggest that the high altitude resorts such as Val Thorens - which sits at 2,300m altitude, offer the best skiing opportunities due to the length of the seasons and variety of slopes. ValThorens provides one terrain with 39% of its runs being for advanced skiers.

Beginners may choose to visit the resort of Megeve which is a fantastic place during the Christmas period with its many resort features it is perfect for groups travelling with first time skiers. There are three main skiing areas with an offering of a regional lift pass, with approximately 450km of runs there is something for everyone. For regular skiers the blue and red ski runs are perfect with the closet runs to the resort being on Rochebure. Most of the terrain is located below tree line allowing for several cruising ski areas.

Meribel is a popular ski resort with skiers from the UK returning annually to experience the ski area of the 3 Valleys and its variety of terrain. 44% of the 150km runs are for intermediate level and only a small percentage are suitable for beginners. This is a brilliant resort for regular recreational skiers which is the reason for Meribel’s high return rate.

One of the best ski resorts for non-skiers is Gstaad with its luxury chalets and fabulous retail therapy opportunities everyone will be satisfied. For those who love to ski there are 220km of runs and a guaranteed skiing season from October to the beginning of May lasting 7 months.

Off-piste skiing is rapidly growing in popularity and Vald’Isere and Chamonix offer some great opportunities working on client’s technical abilities and awareness of off-piste runs to ensure they experience off-piste skiing at its best. There are plenty of off-piste ski schools throughout alpine resorts which teach and help to develop off-piste ability before you venture by yourself.

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